Now or Later?


With an iPhone on Verizon coming out soon with an unlimited data plan many Verizon customer are asking themselves the age old question in technology: “Do I buy x now, or wait for x 2.0 in a few months?” Sadly there is no clear answer but I hope to clear it up a bit in this post.

The Facts: If you buy the iPhone 4 now:

Pros: iPhone 4 NOW, Unlimited data plan

Cons: No 2011 iPhone for you (Unless you pay up), stick with your current phone for approx. 6 months more.

If you wait (Patience is a virtue) and buy the 2011 iPhone later:

Pros: Latest and greatest iPhone

Cons: You gotta wait! Likely no unlimited data.

Can you wait? If you do it will definitely pay off. As far as the unlimited data, don’t sweat it, chances are you can say under the tiered data plans cap. Really it is a toss up, personally I would go with waiting until this summer, them you can have an excuse for staying inside for a few hot days while you mess with you new iPhone.

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