Sony Alpha a6000 review

Sony’s latest mirrorless APS-C camera is a remarkably exciting entry into the mirrorless camera market. First, it is the successor to the renowned NEX-7 in the body of the NEX-6. It has all the features and performance I would expect from a mid-range DSLR in a body half the size that enables me to carry it […]

The affect of iOS 7 on Montessori education

I found this to be a very interesting piece. Quick background: The Montessori system of education relies on physical objects and gives children tactile experiences, so Apple’s pre-iOS 7 style tied in well with these physical connections that children in Montessori education used. Now, with iOS 7 has largely removing these physical ties. Read the piece to […]

Brad Frost on the Techcrunch redesign

Only unlike stone sculpture, we have Cmd+Z. I love Brad Frost’s post on how his team collaborated to make the 2013 Techcrunch redesign, especially how he really implemented atomic design into their design process. If you haven’t read this article or about atomic design, I encourage you to do so.

Why Apple added fingerprint scanning to the iPhone 5s

After Apple announced fingerprint scanning on the iPhone 5s, I asked myself why they chose to add fingerprint scanning? Security, especially for users like myself who found that entering a passcode each time they unlocked their phones was too cumbersome, seems to be the obvious answer. However, I do not think that security is only […]

September 10th Apple Event Confirmed

I’m excited to see what they will unveil. The rumor mill has pinned down and iPhone 5S with moderate upgrades perhaps including a fingerprint sensor and an iPhone 5C with a plastic body that sells cheaper than the traditional iPhone. Expect the release date for iOS 7 to be unveiled then as well. I’m not expecting […]

Decode has arrived

Decode, the theme I’ve built for this blog is now available to anyone who wants it on the WordPress Theme Directory. I would describe the theme, but you are looking at it right now! Although I should point out that it includes some unique features like a reply tool for users to discuss the post […]

iOS 7 and shadows

I’ve avoided writing about iOS 7 here until it is officially released, however I had to share this gem. An interesting detail about the iOS 7 beta that Apple demonstrated at the 2013 WWDC keynote is that while the whole interface has depth and layers, there is no sign of that very common visual cue […]

Privacy, blown away

Today I visited Moore, Oklahoma and saw the destruction that the F5 caused firsthand. I had lived in Oklahoma all my life and I had never seen a tornado in person. I had never seen destruction like this. I had read the stories about having a home being ripped to shreds and lives following suit. […]

Exiting startups

"We’d like to announce that our company has been acquired by a multi-billion dollar company that has the potential to make far more money than we ever could ourselves, so effective immediately, we are joining their team and shutting down our service that we have worked countless hours on. We hope you celebrate with us […]

Oz The Great and Powerful review

Caution, small spoilers ahead. Oz The Great and Powerful centers around the character known as Oz. Throughout the movie, he finds his way into the heart of about five girls, even more impressive than 007’s work in Skyfall. The first 20 minutes or so of the film is set in black and white in a […]