Video shows new iPhone backplate

9to5mac reports on a video hands-on that supposedly shows a new unibody backplate for the 2012 iPhone. Take this with a grain of salt, Apple could be producing fake prototypes to throw people off and people commonly fake this sort of thing, but that said the video looks legitimate. The video shows a backplate for the new […]

iCloud's Importance

Like many of you, I unboxed an iPad this Christmas. After using the iPad for a few hours I picked up the box, fascinated by how tightly everything in the box fit together. As I set the box down, it noticed that on the bottom edge of the box was an iCloud logo, just opposite […]

Review: Cosmonaut

The Cosmonaut from Studio Neat aims to be the first in a new breed of stylus. It is not shaped like a pencil or a pen, which its creators say promotes holding the stylus at the tip and therefore touching the touch screen which results in unwanted interaction. Instead, the Cosmonaut is shaped like a […]

Now or Later?

With an iPhone on Verizon coming out soon with an unlimited data plan many Verizon customer are asking themselves the age old question in technology: “Do I buy x now, or wait for x 2.0 in a few months?” Sadly there is no clear answer but I hope to clear it up a bit in […]

Verizon iPhone 4

So it is finally time. The iPhone 4 is on Verizon, and this could just be the start. in the Q&A session after the presentation, it was revealed that the iPhone 4 was a multi-year, non-exclusive agreement. Non-exclusive is the key word here. The iPhone 4 could soon rear its head on T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular […]