WWDC 2011 Keynote

At WWDC 2011, Steve Jobs, Scott Forstall, Phillip Schiller, and Craig Fedhrigi(I can’t spell his name) introduced Apple’s two new operating systems, OS X Lion, and iOS. Additionally iCloud, Appleicloud_hero’s new MobileMe replacement was announced to much applause.

Mac OS X Lion brings features and innovations “back to the Mac” for a dramatic rethinking of even the most basic functions of the operating system such as scrolling, apps, and versioning.

iOS 5 has a (finally) completely revamped notifications system, bringing unobtrusive updates to your lock screen and throughout the rest of the operating system. iMessage which brings a native IM and MMS client for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Newsstand which brings e-magazines to your device. A PC-free experience with OTA updates and backups. System-wide Twitter integration. Also, a self-explanatory reminders app.

iCloud is Apple’s MobileMe replacement. It is completely free with the small exception of iTunes Match witch brings your ripped (or pirated) content tot eh cloud for $25 a year. Way cheaper than Amazon and possibly Google. It syncs not only your mail, calendar, and contacts, but now your photos, app data, backups, music, and documents.

Now you can go to Apple’s website and read about all these features, or better yet watch the keynote in its entirety. So instead of focusing on these features and tweaks, I will try to provide meaningful insight into what was announced and where Apple is headed with these products.
With FaceTime Apple circumvented carriers. With iMessages Apple has down the same thing. iMessages is not dependent on carriers and does not require a texting or data plan. iMessages also is a BBM killer. No longer can BlackBerry users get away with saying how addicted they are to BBM. iCloud signals Apple thinking ahead and syncing everything you have across their ecosystem for free. Twitter integration is likely the start of a very good relationship between the two companies. Facebook was not to be heard or seen of… anywhere. But I personally hope that the two companies get on good terms considering that only one of my friends is on Twitter, but 220 friends on Facebook. So currently, Facebook is a more meaningful partner for me. Apple also seems to be committed to fixing problems and suggestions of the general public. We have seen this with Multitasking, homescreen wallpapers, apps; and now notifications and Twitter integration. There are still some fundamental things that Apple will not do such as adding explicit material, unsigned apps, and a “normal” file system to their iOS operating system.

(Image Credit: Apple)

I will update this post with further insights as more information becomes available and until iOS 5 is released.

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