Twitter Fly

Twitter just launched a redesign of its iOS, Android, and web apps. The new design is centered around four sections: Home, Connect, Discover, and Me. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said that the redesign was more of a refinement of their existing product, revealing a larger strategy for Twitter. Rather than adding more features, like Facebook […]

Google buys Motorola

Assuming both European and U.S. regulators approve the deal, Google will buy Motorola Mobility at 60% of the stock price at the time of the deal ($40). What does this mean for Motorola, Google, and the rest of the industry? For Motorola: Google says Motorola will continue to operate as a separate wing of Google. […]

On Openness

Right now everyone knows the two big players in the smartphone market, iOS and Android. iOS has been called “closed” and Android “open”. What do these terms really mean? In Android’s openness an app can have great system integration. However, apps can do whatever they want and are often crappy. (In general, don’t get all […]

Google I/0

It has been far too long since my last post, school is almost over, and then you can expect to see far more nutritious, high quality posts right here. Without further ado… Google I/O. Google I/O saw the release of Honeycomb 3.1, or as I like to call it, Honeycomb 3.0.1, which is more appropriate […]

Android 3.0: Honeycomb

Android 3.0: Honeycomb is a major step forward for Android, it represents Google’s first foray into the tablet market. Honeycomb has an entirely new futuristic looking interface made just for tablets. Most of the native Android apps will have to be updated for tablets in Android Honeycomb.The Android market is going to have in-app purchases […]

iOS vs Android

I am tackling the big one this time. iOS vs. Android I plan to update this document continually as new versions of these operating systems arrive.    Fragmentation   OS Fagmentation Deep inside Cupertino, California a man is sitting in a dark room. A door opens and a man steps in. “You asked to see […]