iPad 2


As if there is not already enough reviews and hands on about the iPad 2, I feel like I should put my two cents in.The iPad 2 is a great upgrade from the original iPad. With a thinner, lighter, and faster iPad Apple hopes to pin down the tablet market for a whole year again. Last year may have been the year of iPad, but this is not 2010. How can 2011 be the year of iPad 2?Although Apple has seriously beefed up the iPad 2 with cameras, a new processor, and smart covers, all while making it thinner and lighter. Only time will tell what the year holds with new tablets like the PlayBook and the TouchPad, but before judgment is passed on the iPad 2, I think we should wait and see what iOS 5 holds. The iPhone 4 could have been passed off as a small upgrade if it was not announced along with iOS 4. Apple usually builds its products with future enhancements in mind. So go and buy that iPad 2, enjoy FaceTime and a smart cover or three, and savor thoughts of iOS 5.Lastly, an iPad 3: Don’t hold your breath, iPad 2 is a big enough step forward to take on its own, if you don’t have an iPad yet now is the time to buy… or at least it will be on March 11.

(Image Credit: Apple)

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