Posterous Spaces

posterous-spaces-logo_cs5_copy-scaled500In possibly one of the most well-executed and well-needed redesigns I have seen this year Posterous has relaunched their sites and groups product under the new name, “Posterous Spaces.” Last month I read an editorial¬†from Business Insider about how Posterous had not seen the adoption that Tumblr had seen because of its ostensibly lesser design. I agreed whole-heartedly and apparently they did too. The new site is very well designed as well as its all-new iPhone counterpart, a major issue with the old product. If you have been thinking about creating a blog I really recommend you try out Posterous. I started this blog out on Posterous, but moved it to WordPress because I needed greater flexibility for future awesomeness. All in all, Posterous has done a wonderful job with its redesign which should help it move forward greatly in the future.

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