Disney Acquires Lucasflim


Disney today announced that it had acquired Lucasflim for 4.05 billion dollars. M.G. Siegler interestingly, points out that this is about half of what they bought Pixar for in 2006. In the same press release, Disney stated they were planning on releasing a seventh episode in the saga to be followed by a new movie every two or three years. Seeing how well Disney has handled its acquisition of Marvel, I actually don’t see them destroying the Star Wars we all know. In fact, the bigger questions I have are where they will take the plot of Star Wars and how fans will react to the new films. It is a very wise move for George Lucas who said that he, “thought it was important to set up the transition during my lifetime.” I wish George Lucas the very best as he goes on to be a “creative consultant” at Disney, hopefully meaning that he can keep the films in line with what a fan would expect from the franchise. May the force be with you.

Source: The Walt Disney Company

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