The all-new, nearly the same Beyond The Code


It was time for a change. 1070 lines of poorly organized CSS was too much. A theme that was not based on HTML 5 and put mobile second wasn’t the way I wanted things to be anymore. So I started over. I forked Underscores and rebuilt Beyond The Code’s clean Decode theme. I am happy with the outward design of the site, so I kept things very similar, but I couldn’t resist a few changes, such as being able to navigate to the next and previous post from a single post screen. The new theme’s code is better organized too, making future changes easier. But the thing I am most excited about, is the mobile first design. I wrote the mobile site in the main CSS and then used media queries to bring in styles for larger screens and devices. This creates a site that literally puts mobile devices first. Most of my traffic comes from mobile devices, so it was only appropriate to build a site that was built for these devices, not scaled down site made for computers.

Admittedly, while you aren’t likely to see sweeping visual changes in this rewrite, you can smile a little bit knowing that the site you are reading is using the latest techniques for a modern web. As always, feel free to let me know if there is anything that you think could be improved upon, unless it is IE 7 compatibility in that case, I recommend you don’t waste your time and instead put it to good use.

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