My thoughts on the 11 inch MacBook Air

tumblr_m96knjjdHa1qbdobl1I just upgraded an 11 inch MacBook Air for school (from a white MacBook 4,1) and wanted to share some of my thoughts. To start, I was not completely sure the 11 inch was for me, I thought the screen would be too small, and it wouldn’t pose much of a difference from my 9.7 inch iPad. To worsen my fears, Alex Arena mentioned on episode 1 of A Good Mac Show that he had an 11 inch Air and he felt that it was too small for him.

Still, I got one, and I can now say that the 11 inch Air is actually a very good size and the small size of the screen is not limiting, Safari being the only app that I feel has to be run as a full screen app. All the apps I use shrink down very well to the smallest of Apple’s notebook displays. In fact, I have gotten so used to the 11 inch size that my old 13 inch MacBook’s size feels excessive.

In short, I look forward to spending more time with the Air, and I will continue to tweet my thoughts.