Still Holding on to the Past

Why channels still designate that they are in high definition? Heck, why do we still have standard definition channels? It is really time for cable and satellite companies to grow up. High definition is the standard now, and in light of Apple’s Retina Display products, 1080p resolution on a screen above 20 inches really isn’t […]

Apple TV update allows TV show streaming

In today’s update to the Apple TV set-top box Apple added streaming of purchased (in addition to rented) TV shows, along with Vimeo support and the all-too-usual bug fixes. I would like to take a minute and point out what Apple is doing here with this update. As Techcrunch notes in this article Today’s Apple […]

Cutting the Cord

People are genuinely unsatisfied with the current state of cable service. Although cable providers have tried to improve by offering online viewing, better cable box systems, and mobile apps, still consumers are unhappy with service. They want HD viewing anywhere with an intuitive UI designed to find the shows you want and then get out […]