Microsoft Posts $492 Million Loss

Microsoft has just announced its financial results for the fiscal quarter ending June 30th, 2012, and the company has posted a net loss of $492 million. Despite record revenue of $18.06 billion, the company was weighed down by what it’s calling a “goodwill impairment charge” of $6.2 billion… …the quarter’s revenue figure represents an increase […]

Making Yahoo! Relevant Again

The play here is simple: buy 500px and rebrand it as “the new Flickr”. Migrate the entire existing Flickr user base and instantly make them all happy. Yahoo buys DuckDuckGo and starts serving ads on it, and make it the default Yahoo search engine. Yahoo is already an option on most browsers and devices (like […]

Yahoo appoints Marissa Mayer as new CEO

The only way I interact with Yahoo now is through the Weather and Stocks apps on my iPhone. I honestly can’t decide if Yahoo has any place in Silicon Valley anymore, it excels at nothing. Congratulations, Marissa Mayer, you have the dead-end job no one wanted (start at 3:50).

On Twitter’s API Crackdown

Twitter follows Facebook down the walled garden path “The early adopters who have tasted the fruits of polished third party clients are also the key influencers in media, print, television and digital, and the backlash would be swift and lengthy,” said Andrew Stone, Twittelator’s founder. “All of the good will people associate with Twitter could […]

Decisions, decisions

This iPad Mini stuff has me thinking the same thoughts. Me, I’m an 11-inch MacBook Air man. But I’ll admit it feels a bit silly to pack a bag with both an 11-inch Air and an iPad. Two devices of nearly the same size. But, when traveling, I really do wind up using both of […]

Still Holding on to the Past

Why channels still designate that they are in high definition? Heck, why do we still have standard definition channels? It is really time for cable and satellite companies to grow up. High definition is the standard now, and in light of Apple’s Retina Display products, 1080p resolution on a screen above 20 inches really isn’t […]