I'm done with fiction

I’ve read my last work of fiction for a long time. Now that I have finished that book, I’m going to stick to books that are informative, inspirational, and instigating. Books that tell fictional stories bring us into new worlds, they allow us to use our imagination, but following my previous post, it is better to create than consume. Although I am consuming content either way, the works which I am planning to read are of the sort that would lead me to create. I decided to make a reading list to set some objectives. I am not going to set a date by which I want to be done reading. I would rather take my time with each text and take away ideas rather than check another book off my list without gaining anything from it. I challenge you to read books that will make you a better person. Fiction is fun, but it shouldn’t be the only thing that you read.

Here is my reading list. You can use it, but really, you should make your own.
My Reading List

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