Facebook (Finally) Updates Its iOS App

It is about time. Here is what I think about Facebook’s old app, they were depending on the Apple to open up the Nitro JavaScript engine to UIWebView. This would have made the Facebook app become quite a lot quicker. (See Facebook’s web app on Mobile Safari for proof of this) However, Apple has not […]

The Cure to the Linkblog Cancer

Well Mr. Somers, I’m pleased to inform you that I’ve found the cure for your “Linkblog Cancer”. Unsubscribe. I agree completely, if you dislike link blogs, unsubscribe. Simple as that.

Microsoft Finally Gets a New Logo

While it may not be as good as this student’s Microsoft rebranding, it is still good to see Microsoft moving in the right direction again. Unfortunately, this update seems to reinforce Microsoft’s undying love of Windows, something which I think the company needs to rethink.

My thoughts on the 11 inch MacBook Air

I just upgraded an 11 inch MacBook Air for school (from a white MacBook 4,1) and wanted to share some of my thoughts. To start, I was not completely sure the 11 inch was for me, I thought the screen would be too small, and it wouldn’t pose much of a difference from my 9.7 […]

Changes to the Twitter API

Nearly eighteen months ago, we gave developers guidance that they should not build client apps that mimic or reproduce the mainstream Twitter consumer client experience.” And to reiterate what I wrote in my last post, that guidance continues to apply today. More ominous words from Twitter, but it doesn’t seem to be the end of […]

Ten Days Without Internet

Ten days, nine people I have spent these previous ten days camping and canoeing in the Canadian wilderness in Ontario. Attempting to put aside thoughts about the “outside world,” I spent my time thinking about deeper human issues while observing the surrounding beautiful scenery. I would like to say that the experience was therapeutic, that […]