Now or Later?

With an iPhone on Verizon coming out soon with an unlimited data plan many Verizon customer are asking themselves the age old question in technology: “Do I buy x now, or wait for x 2.0 in a few months?” Sadly there is no clear answer but I hope to clear it up a bit in […]

New webOS Form Factors

Palm has announced that they will be bringing webOS to different form factors like tablets and netbooks. But more interestingly Todd Bradley mentioned that a “connected experience.” This is particularly interesting as a “connected experience” has not really been seen much in portable devices, in iOS there is AirPlay and iTunes (the latter not being […]

Verizon iPhone 4

So it is finally time. The iPhone 4 is on Verizon, and this could just be the start. in the Q&A session after the presentation, it was revealed that the iPhone 4 was a multi-year, non-exclusive agreement. Non-exclusive is the key word here. The iPhone 4 could soon rear its head on T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular […]

Mac App Store

So with CES going down this week the press is abuzz with new releases, but I want to take a close look at one in particular while I wait for everything else to settle down. The Mac App Store was pushed today with Mac OS 10.6.6 with ‘thousands of apps’. I believe this signals a […]

iOS vs Android

I am tackling the big one this time. iOS vs. Android I plan to update this document continually as new versions of these operating systems arrive.    Fragmentation   OS Fagmentation Deep inside Cupertino, California a man is sitting in a dark room. A door opens and a man steps in. “You asked to see […]